Is performance measurement and management hindering rather than helping your organisation?

Many organisations are not working with their KPIs. They are working a potpourri of measures that gets them no where and have not had the impact management and the Board were seeking.

Does this sound like your organisation? If so, read this free, award winning, article for more information on how to change this.

David Parmenter’s work on KPIs has received international recognition. His book “Key Performance Indicators – developing, implementing and using winning KPIs” published in January 2007 is already being published in Chinese. His white paper covers the latest thinking on KPIs.

David believes that KPIs themselves are mislabelled and misused. Organisations with over 20 KPIs lack focus, lack alignment and under achieve. In fact, there are normally less than 10 true KPIs in an organisation and these are measured and reported 24/7, daily, or at the outside weekly. In addition that there are four types of performance measures and thus choosing the right mix is crucial for effective measurement and control.

There are multiple ways that David Parmenter can help.

  1. Read my white paper on "Implementing Winning KPIs" comes with 'free' electronic templates from KPI book
  2. Read my white paper on "Finding your Critical Success Factors"
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  4. Read my book Key Performance Indicators: Developing, Implementing, and Using Winning KPIs
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What you can gain from reading David's white paper.

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  • free access to electronic versions of all templates
  • distinguish between KPIs and key result indicators
  • explain the new thinking on KPIs
  • brainstorm your critical success factors
  • report measures to staff, management and the Board
  • use the checklists and templates designed to help you with your implementation
  • identify some performance measures of relevance to your organisation

In addition, David's KPI Book provides a more in-depth understanding on KPIs


I found your presentation right on track.

I had the opportunity to attend quite a few Norton/Kaplan seminars, conferences, etc. But while their last book on 'Alignment' focuses again on the importance of Strategy maps... none really expound on the relationship of strategy map, BSC to budget and ABC modelling — a question I raised at their San Diego conference in November 2007. Dr. Kaplan indicated it would be addressed in their 'next book'. :)

Thank you for addressing 'truly' an overlooked area — the connectedness of all this.

Barbara Rice

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